Hill Bill – Motorcycle Trick Jumping Game Coming Soon to iPhone and iPad

By on Jul 10, 2013 at 4:21 pm

hillbill_world4-8aBalloon 27 (B27), innovative publisher of mobile video games, announced today that its upcoming game, Hill Bill, will launch this month on iOS. Hill Bill is a motorcycle trick jumping game starring a hillbilly whose role model is American motorcycle stunt icon Evel Knievel.

Players take the role of Hill Bill as he becomes a bigger daredevil mastering crazier jumps and tricks every day. Set across six beautiful environments featuring 60 levels, Hill Bill mounts his trusty third-hand garage-sale bike and sets up his own ramps to ride. Bill is soon mastering jumps and tricks on bigger and bigger homemade ramps, until it’s time to take the show on the road, performing death-defying jumps over greater distances at Mud Rallies, Race Tracks, and even the Circus, before attempting to conquer the greatest stunt of all, the Grand Canyon.

“Hill Bill is a culmination of all the things we love most in a mobile game – it’s user-friendly, immersive and action-packed with addictive gameplay,” said Ajay Chadha, Founder, B27. “We have worked hard to create the perfect combination of great art, gameplay, and sound effects and are confident that Hill Bill will quickly become a new favorite for mobile gamers.”

Hill Bill Features:

  • Crazy Jumps: Perform death-defying jumps over greater and greater distances.
  • Fun Tricks: Make the crowd go wild with over a dozen tricks both on the ground and in the air.
  • Beautiful Environments: Explore Bill’s Backyard, The Swamp, a Mud Rally, a Race Track, The Circus, and The Grand Canyon.
  • New Bikes and Outfits: Earn Star-Spangled Bucks to purchase cool bikes and outfits.
  • Extra Content: Additional worlds, levels, bikes and outfits in development.

Developed by B27, Hill Bill is expected to launch later this month on iOS for $1.99.


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