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By on Jun 23, 2013 at 12:54 am

The evolution of smartphones made a huge impact in the popularity of social networking. Of course, Facebook or Twitter may not be such popular unless there is a thing called as smartphone. Have you ever thought of a private social media only accessible for your family members?


Hapimomi developed by Hapimomi Inc, is a unique attempt that creates a personalized social media platform for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Hapimomi is everything you can share as you do with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, but only shared among the family members. You can add people to the app and sharing is only visible between you and the other members.

The app has an intuitive UI where the entire features are well organized in a single touch menu on the top. You can post status updates and other family members can see, like and comment on it from the common wall. Hapimomi wall is very interesting as you can feel the personalized posting area where you find information posted by only your dear ones.

You can add To-Do lists within the app and share among a group of people, person-to-person and even keep it for yourself. All the options are featured with device camera so that easily you can capture a picture during a status update, adding a to-do or whatever. Another cool feature is ‘Diary’ where you can store all the lovable moments in your life such as photos and videos as a personal album. But, it is a bit confusing that all the features carry a same user interface of just updating some text along with a picture! For example, it would be great if there are some added features such as placing a date and time options while making a to-do list and in case of a diary, after uploading a photo some filters could be wonderful.

Hapimomi has more in it such as a calendar, a shopping section where you can add any items for your future shopping. This is a great tool in case of a family shopping as all the members can see the listings and there is no chance of missing anything!


Hapimomi is a great app for people who give more value to their family. With this app you are definitely making it to the term called a ‘Digital Family’. It is easy and fun, convenient and moreover very useful.

Hapimomi is available in the App Store for FREE!

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