SEGA Announces Puzzle Pirates is Now Available on iPad

By on Jun 20, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Puzzle PiratesSEGA of America and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that fan-favorite Puzzle Pirates is now available on iPad and will be sailing onto additional tablet devices in Summer of 2013. The original creators of Puzzle Pirates, SEGA Studio Three Rings, have brought the open-ended massively multi-player game to mobile.

Puzzle Pirates is one of the first and longest running free-to-play games available on PC; millions of gamers have enjoyed puzzling together, sailing ships, collecting loot and brawling in taverns since 2003.

Featuring an updated user interface optimized for touch screen controls, Puzzle Pirates features over 20 interactive solo and multiplayer puzzles. Players can puzzle together as they loot, pillage and join as crew of a pirate ship. In Puzzle Pirates, players explore a vast sea-faring world and use “pieces of eight” to customize their own buccaneer, pirate home and ship.

Players can become a captain, own a shoppe, or govern an island as they compete and cooperate in a rich and complex player-driven world, relying on their wits and skill to climb from bilge rat to pirate king.
“We believe the iPad is a great match for the depth of gameplay available in Puzzle Pirates,” said Daniel James, creator of Puzzle Pirates and CEO of Three Rings Design. “Easy to pick up gameplay combine with co-operative teamwork and a rich world to make Puzzle Pirates a game that we know iPad players will enjoy.”

Puzzle Pirates boasts one of the deepest MMO gameplay experiences available on mobile. While out adventuring, players can face attack from roaming brigands, hunt for treasure and sea monsters, or even make plans to conquer their very own island by coordinating with hundreds of crewmates. Puzzle Pirates provides entertainment for players of all ages, from simple puzzling fun all the way to the complexities of enormous ship-to-ship battles.

Puzzle Pirates is now available for FREE from the App Store on iPad.


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