Bracketron NanoTek Stand Works To Keep Desks Organized And Devices In View

By on Jun 18, 2013 at 4:15 pm

bracketron nanotekBracketron’s new universal NanoTek Stand for mobile devices adds simple style to home and office desks, keeping power cords neat and readily available with its patent-pending integrated cable management system. The NanoTek Stand also increases device functionality by placing it in direct line of sight for users, allowing screens to be easily viewed at a glance, ideal for checking the time or incoming texts.

The stand securely grips to both desk and device thanks to an exclusive mounting technology that leaves surfaces and smartphones clean and residue-free. It is universally compatible with most handheld mobile devices and offers flexible mounting options to secure devices in both vertical or horizantal positions for optimal use.

Founded in 2001, Bracketron is an industry leader in universal mounting solutions for mobile devices. The company has created hundreds of top-selling accessories for mobile technologies and is now sharing its knowledge, resources and expertise with smaller start-up companies to help bring products like the NanoTek Stand to market quickly and successfully.

“In addition to creating our own patented, unqiue technologies for mobile devices, partnering with start-up companies and designers who share our passion for crafting solutions that extend the use of the device and enhance the overall user experience is important as we continue to grow,” says Christian Johnson, Vice President of Marketing for Bracketron. “We have the experience and relationships to bring exciting products to consumers quickly and widely, and the NanoTek Stand is a great example of this.”

In addition to home and office use, the NanoTek Stand is designed with travel in mind. The lightweight smartphone stand is made with aircraft grade aluminum for easy portability. By having the NanoTek Stand on the road, travelers can transform their smartphones into highly visible clocks to ensure they never “miss the boat.”

According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report, 67 percent of smartphone owners check their phones without being prompted by a beep, ring or vibration. With devices clearly in view, the NanoTek Stand allows consumers at home, work or away to see the current time and messages as they come in without having to continually pick up and check their device.

“The NanoTek Stand is an elegant solution to a common problem,” says Johnson. “The stand quickly and easily stations your mobile device so that it’s easy to view, saves desk space and keeps your work area looking clean and sleek.”


  • Exclusive NanoTek mounting technology securely grips device and desk without leaving behind a sticky residue
  • Allows screen to be easily viewed at a glance, perfect for checking the time or incoming texts
  • Elegant design features durable, aircraft grade aluminum composite construction with matte finish
  • Integrated cable management system keeps desks neat and professional
  • Lightweight design makes stand easily portable, ideal for the business traveler
  • Holds smartphone securely in vertical or horizontal position
  • Universally compatible with smartphones and other handheld mobile devices

Now available at, and Best Buy stores nationwide, the NanoTek Stand comes in silver or black.


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