Toddy Gear Unfolds Newest Smart Tech Accessory

By on Jun 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm

pocket toddyToddy Gear, creator of the Toddy Smart Cloth and the Wedge, is thrilled to announce its newest accessory. The Pocket Toddy is a spin on the original Toddy Smart Cloth, utilizing a design where it folds into a built-in pocket for travel-sized storage and multi-functional cleaning. The Pocket Toddy is available now in three different prints: Nantucket, Luxe, Filter.

Crafted with a dual-sided microfiber plush and microfiber silk, the Pocket Toddy is the next creation in the tech accessory space to clean screens and showcase your personal style. The 5×7 size makes it great at cleaning a variety of items including mobile devices, glasses, and camera lenses. The Pocket Toddy can even be attached to your keychain, backpack, or purse with the elastic tab, making it your new on-the-go essential.

“We have received an immense amount of positive feedback to all of our existing Toddy Gear cleaning accessories,” said Toddy Gear founder, Todd Gabel. “The Pocket Toddy is our newest addition to what we’ve created as a unique and stylish line of ways for today’s consumers to keep their electronics dirt and smudge free, while boasting their fashion senses. We are excited to introduce this new solution to the Toddy family, which we feel is a great addition to the tech accessory industry.”

The Pocket Toddy is available now at for $9.99.


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