Rock Stars vs Paparazzi Now Available for free on Android

By on May 29, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Rock Stars vs. PaparazziAdvanced Mobile Applications is pleased to announce the Android release of Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi for free, developed by DeValley.

Play a crazy rockstar and give the paparazzi a beating with your army of twisted fans. Protect your private life from the vultures of the press in this cartoonesque tower defence game: rock’n’roll style!

Play Hannibal Puppet and call on your most diehard fans to push back the ever more resilient hordes of paparazzi. They alone can throw the Molotov cocktails and shurikens, crack the whip and use the other increasingly insane weapons.

Rock Stars vs. Paparazzi offers you:

  • Graphics worthy of the best cartoons
  • An overexciting rock metal atmosphere
  • Long gameplay with 40 levels
  • A variety of different universes to discover, including: jet set, hip hop, night club, etc.
  • New stars to unlock, each more crazy than the last
  • 12 devoted fans with explosive powers, from the Goth Teen to the Metalhead Grandpa
  • 12 different weapons: brass knuckles, cattle prod, steel-jaw trap, etc.
  • Single-touch gameplay to really allow you to let off steam


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