LARIXPRESS announces a new children’s book app for tiny tots

By on May 21, 2013 at 6:49 am

Bolzano, Italy – After “tzi – App for Kids” and “King Laurin and his Rose Garden” LARIXPRESS now presents the third high-quality children’s app for the iPhone and iPad – this time for very young children ages 3 and up. The artist Eleonora Cumer designed the illustrations, and also wrote the story: “Tino the Triangle” travels the world and meets dogs, cats, birds and many other animals. The result is an exciting journey of discovery that features shapes, colors and sounds.

The new children’s app “Tino the Triangle” is all about the adventurous triangle Tino, who embarks on a search for new friends. Tino encounters a dog, a cat, a hedgehog and other fun-loving animals. The artist Eleonora Cumer invented the story, and also drew the many delightful illustrations.

A terrific surprise: when going to a new scene the animals, which will appear next, announce themselves with a typical, very characteristic sound. Kids and parents can take a guess as to which animals might show up on the screen. The various sounds of the app have been created especially for “Tino the Triangle” by a professional sound designer.

With each new scene the digital picture book turns into a game of peekaboo, since Tino the triangle is hidden on the new page and needs