Kinomap Launches Geolocated Exercise Apps – Kinomap Fitness and Kinomap Trainer

By on May 8, 2013 at 1:44 pm

KinomapKinomap, the maker of the world’s first video-sharing platform, unveils Kinomap Fitness and Kinomap Trainer, two iPhone and iPad apps that improve the indoor training experience. Ideal for cyclists, runners and rowers, both apps offer synchronized video playback, allowing users to train against pre-recorded, GPS-located, outdoor routes while measuring their own performance.

Kinomap Trainer features cycling videos, aimed at pro and enthusiast cyclists looking to train on a home trainer or using dedicated equipment such as the Wahoo Fitness KICKR power trainer. Kinomap Fitness features cycling, running and rowing videos, ideal for fitness enthusiasts to use on an exercise bike, rowing machine or treadmill. Available today in the App store, both are free to use when training against your own videos and users can gain access to thousands of videos, covering 15,000 miles, for a subscription of $11.99 per month or $74.99 for a yearly subscription.

Kinomap Fitness and Trainer offer sports lovers the chance to train on a home trainer while virtually rowing pass the Eiffel Tower, running in the Grand Canyon or cycling through Silicon Valley. The new Kinomap apps utilize the front facing camera on the iPhone or iPad to track the participant’s movement and detect cadence. When used in conjunction with existing ANT+ receivers and sensors that wirelessly collect and transfer data, other factors such as speed and stride power can be monitored. These features allow users to synchronize their performance with the video, pedaling to keep up with the moving onscreen icon. If there is a hill, riders must cycle faster to maintain the speed of the video. The video will pause or catch-up when a preset gap is reached if the user falls behind or races ahead.

During the workout, the iPhone or iPad screen displays up to five panels, including a map featuring a moving icon showing the user’s position in a terrain or satellite view, the elevation profile and the video itself. For users wishing to view this information on a larger screen there is the option to sync the tablet or smartphone to a projector or Apple TV. This ensures that the feeling of outdoor training is even more realistic.

The Kinomap apps only require an iPad or iPhone with a front-facing camera, (available in all recent Apple devices) therefore making it an affordable fitness option for all.

Create and share favorite videos on the Kinomap platform:
Kinomap’s video-sharing platform encourages contributions from people that are passionate about sharing their favorite outdoor training videos with the rest of the world. Kinomap attracts contributors from 30 countries and has around 10,000 videos covering around 15,000 miles of track. As all videos are GPS-located, contributions to the platform should be shot with either Kinomap Maker – a free iPhone app that makes use of the smartphone’s internal GPS sensor, a GPS-enabled camera or a ‘regular’ camera used in conjunction with a GPS enabled device (such a GPS app or GPS watch). If you are riding a famous or well-known course, street or road, Kinomap can provide assistance and issue you a GoPro or Contour camera to go out and document your ride for upload.

Pricing and availability:
Available now from the App Store, both Kinomap Fitness and Trainer are free to use when training against your own videos. Users can use any of the 10,000 videos for a subscription of $11.99 per month or $74.99 per year.


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