Disney Mobile Games Brings Players Physics-Based Feline Fun with Launch of Mittens for iOS

By on Apr 4, 2013 at 2:26 pm

MittensMittens, a new release and the first collaboration between Disney Mobile Games and MetroGames, introduces players to Mittens, an alley cat on a mission to win the heart of pretty cat Mia! Players help Mittens to solve physics-based puzzles as he romps across city rooftops to collect milk bottles for his kitten crush, all while collecting diamonds and avoiding the obstacles of the urban jungle.

With over 75 levels to start, Mittens challenges players with the laws of physics and clever mechanics such as bouncing on phone lines, making slingshots out of antennae, and jumping and cutting through obstacles with the tap and swipe of a finger. Mittens calls for strategic thinking as players try to collect up to three diamonds for Mia per level while using bird and monkey friends as air carriers and trampolines to escape perils like angry chefs and mean deckhands. Players of Mittens will even find unique objectives for different environments, like grabbing milk bottles in Milktown and red balloons in Balloontown!

Fans of Disney Mobile Games won’t want Mittens sneaking by them. Filled with the cutest characters, an endearing story and engaging game mechanics, Mittens is purr-fectly poised to charm players of all ages.

The fun features for Mittens include:

  • 75+ stimulating physics-based puzzles
  • Travel through 3 level packs including Milktown, Balloonland and Mouse Cave
  • All-new game mechanics like bouncing on phone lines and antennae slingshots
  • Cutting through obstacles with the swipe of a finger
  • Achievement system collecting up to three diamonds in each level
  • Loyal friends like birds and circus monkeys to rescue players
  • Obstacles like angry chefs and mean deckhands


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