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By on Mar 9, 2013 at 9:03 pm

I have experienced a lot of business card reader apps from the App Store as I have a lot of cards always in my desk and wallet. Most of them were my personal favorites too! Of course, developers focus more on business apps these days as many people really love the way they organize their business needs with smartphones.


Business Card Info for iPhone and iPod Touch is a nice business app if you deal with large number of business cards. Of course, it is very frustrating to carry your business cards wherever you go. It takes a lot of area in your wallet as you may be in a situation not to leave most of them. Business Card Info allows a user to enter all the details in a card and save it in your virtual wallet for future reference!

A new user must create an account to use this app. Once you are done, you can simply add a business card and post it online or keep it private. Posting online makes a new business to spread some words around the other users. You can enter almost all of the information you see in a business card. After creating a card, you can add it to your wallet.

The good thing is you can search for any business cards you have created using various filter options such as name, city, etc. This is very useful especially if you deal with large number of cards. You can easily set locations to your card with an integrated Google Maps. The details are well formatted in a business card template. A simple tap on the card allows you to share or print the card right from the app! In case if you want to edit some information on the card that is possible as well!

Unfortunately the app has no option to scan a business card as I have used some card readers that use the OCR technology to capture the card perfectly and stores directly to your contact list! Apart from this the app works pretty great to remove some of your wallet burden.


BCI is a good business app that can be very useful for people who carry a lot of business cards on the move. It is a nice tool to organize all of your cards in a virtual wallet.

Business Card Info is available on the App Store for FREE.

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