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By on Jan 30, 2013 at 9:35 am

If you’re looking for an easy way to effectively get an idea of what your target audience is thinking there is nothing more effective than a well designed survey.  Today, with the help of Direct Opinion, you can create free online surveys on any topic with no restrictions at all!  This app was designed first and foremost to help you create an effective survey for use with your business, or your personal curiosity.

Creating surveys is a breeze with this simple app.  You can select from a variety of questions that are already there or you can make up your own.  From there you can set up a target list based on information collected by the Direct Opinion community, or you can just publish it out there for everyone to see.

Once you’ve published your survey you have a couple of options on what to do next.  First, you can start browsing through any of the great surveys out there and take the ones you’re interested in.  This is a fun way to share your opinion on a wide variety of different products and situations that you might care about.

The next option is to review the results of your survey in near real time.  You can view simplified results of your survey any time you want right from within the app.  These results are provided for free so you can learn all you need to about your potential customers, or get an idea about how people taking your survey think!  This is very valuable for both businesses and the general public who are curious about situations.   Your survey can be about any topic you want from general interest to current events or even products.  If you can dream it, you can create a survey for it quickly and easily with this app.

If you’re looking for more detailed results, you can pay to see them for any survey available on the system.  That means if you browse to a survey that interests you, you can pay a small fee and see all the detailed information about how people have been responding!  This is very valuable to many people since you can get all the information you need without having to spend the time and money to create and promote the survey yourself.  This is a huge benefit for many people.

If you make a survey that becomes popular and many people are buying the results, you can actually make money off it!  That’s right, every time one of your surveys has the detailed results purchased; you get a $.50 commission!  So you actually get paid to post surveys and gather information!  You can then cash out your earnings once they’ve reached $20.  While it is unlikely that anyone will get rich off of this app, it is a great idea to be able to earn some extra spending cash by simply creating fun and interesting surveys!  Most people would create them for free anyway so the cash is a great bonus!

Direct Opinion is available for FREE from the Google Play!

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