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By on Jan 21, 2013 at 8:16 am

If you love any brand music and being a regular fan of their latest tracks you never leave their songs from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Nowadays, brand musicians came up with their own brand music apps to make their fans more attached to all their tracks. In fact, users feel easier to have their favorite tracks as an app and listen on the go rather than the regular download or buying an audio/video CD.


Head in the Clouds is such a nice music album that mixes some cool gaming to make users entertained while they listen to the tracks. Head in the Clouds is the new release of Los Angeles based rock brand – Warren Charles. The interesting fact is that the app is not yet another music app; it is more than a music app and gives users an interactive album experience throughout.

The app has a custom analog media player where you can stream all the songs completely for free. The interactive part of the game is you can play four different games based on the songs from the album. These games are made of very simple graphics keeping in mind that the aim of the app is playing the music and giving users a bit interactive feel as it streams.

My personal favorite was the memory testing game where you have to remember all the given objects in your mind and find the scattered objects inside from a bigger image.  Once you got all the objects right, the image becomes clearly visible in one screen. There are more interesting games available such as Forever Hold My Peace, My Moment of Weakness and the Leaving game.

The songs are very nice to hear and composed with a great quality as well. There are totally ten tracks available inside the album and all of them are provided with the respective lyrics. You can just share the tracks via Twitter, Facebook, email or SMS to your friends right from the music player.  On the negative side, the app has very normal design, which is not much catchy to a normal user. Also, you can’t play the tracks in the background once you close the app, which is a major let down.


Head in the Clouds is not designed for a genuine user who mostly loves some useful apps and interesting games. If you love to hear some quality tracks from the Warren rock brand and that too with an interactive way using some simple games, this app may be a good choice.

Head in the Clouds is available on the Apple App Store for $1.99

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