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By on Jan 7, 2013 at 8:04 am

Social gaming is one of the recent trends for mobile app developers that drive a lot of user base through their interesting products. As social media is growing day by day, people are more interested in funny and entertaining stuffs in the platform. Listen Up lite is a social game that makes use of your voice creativity.


Listen Up Lite is developed by AppsLAW, which connects people with a unique way of social gaming using your sound. With this app you can create an audio puzzle for a particular word and play with your opponents to find the exact word you have challenged them. The concept behind the app is really interesting and funny enough to have some good time with your buddies.

You can login to the app either by using your email id or a Facebook account. It has options to create a game using Facebook (which is my favorite as I can get my old friends right into game), searching by a username, email or selecting a random player as opponent. You have three options such as easy, crowd, sprinkler to start recording your word. These determine the mode of difficulty you are going to set while recording the sound.

Next comes the recording area, which is really well designed with intuitive user interface and a perfect tutorial for the beginners. You can just tap on the record button and record your funny sound. There is an option to replay it back, delete and submit if you are convinced. The game has pointing system based on the difficulties you chose to solve. It is mentioned as mics where you can get a minimum of one mic to maximum three mics depending upon the difficulty level.

Solving others sound is even funnier as there are some hints available to make sure you don’t lose anything easily. Image hints are pretty useful while the one letter indicator in the typing area makes it more easier sometimes. On the whole Listen Up is a great social gaming platform that carries loads of fun features in it.


If you are someone who stands away from regular action games and interested in some funny social stuffs along with the thrills of puzzle gaming, Listen Up is made for you! Enjoy the game with your friends! Listen Up! is available on the App Store for FREE.

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