Tarot of Love for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

By on Dec 27, 2012 at 10:02 am

Tarot of Love is a fun app which will provide you a full Tarot card reading for both your love life, and a general reading as well.  People who enjoy learning about their life through the use of Tarot readings will be able to get a nice reading everywhere they go.  You’ll appreciate the fact that the app allows you to specifically focus only on your love life, or provide you a better rounded reading if that’s what you’re looking for.


When you load up the app you’ll first be presented a screen which allows you to choose what type of reading you want.  You can pick your daily tarot reading or your love tarot reading.  The choice you make here will decide on how the rest of the reading goes.  As with an in-person reading, the app will focus the results in a way which meets your desires.

If you choose the love reading you will be given information about your current relationships or the future relationships you might be entering.  Many people will want to use this to help get a better idea about whether a new relationship they are in will work out, or if it is doomed to failure.  This is helpful for deciding whether or not to continue a relationship as well.

It can also be helpful for discovering what the future holds for your love life.  Many people find that they get quite lonely and worry that they will never find the right person, and armed with a positive Tarot reading they can often rest comfortably.

The daily reading will provide better rounded information about their entire life.  You can get information about what type of mood you might be in that day, or if there are any events coming up in your life that is out of the ordinary.  This is commonly used first thing in the morning to get an idea about what the upcoming day will have in store for you.

When it comes to how the app itself, it is very well made.  The app loads up and runs very smoothly on any iPhone or iPad device.  The images of each of the cards is very detailed and designed quite nicely.  When you move the cards around the animation is smooth and realistic which makes this a fun app to use.   Finally, you can also get your reading done in a variety of different languages which makes this a very flexible app.


We recommend Tarot of Love for anyone who is interested in getting a Tarot reading.  It is especially good for those who are looking to learn more about their love life, but is also nice for general readings as well.  Some of the general readings might give information about something that might be worrisome to younger users so we suggest only teens and above get this app, though there is nothing overtly inappropriate.  This is also useful for learning more about Tarot and looking through all the different cards in the deck.

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