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By on Dec 19, 2012 at 11:20 am

Photography is the main hobby of many people who love to take all the beautiful things they see and make things even beautiful through their photographic works. Especially in this digital world smartphones and tablets plays a vital role for these people. Applications like Instagram has changed the way people connect each other with the concept of photography lies behind.


Pashadelic is a cool photography app developed by Ferrotec that allows you to discover and experience new landmarks and landscapes and spot beautiful photographs. You need to set up an account with the app to explore the features. There is an option to login with your Facebook account as well.

The app has a very decent interface and displays the pictures in a beautiful way on screen. It reflects the Instagram layout, but stands out with the feature of discovering hot/new spots. The centre buttons lets you grab the pictures either using your device camera or load the pictures straightaway from the photo album.

The nearby option allows you to discover the new spots near you. You can also check out hot and new trending spots in the world. There is a search button that allows you to dig the topics you are interested in shooting. Finally, there is an option that displays your profile for Pashadelic.

All the features work like a charm with intuitive user interface throughout the app. As the app is based on the location based features, you must allow access to access your location for a better utility. You can customize the photos either by the popularity or the nearby photos. As in any other photo sharing apps, Pashadelic also has the option to like the photos or even mark the location as “wanna go”. Once you tap on any photo, it shows the location it is shared on a map along with the total comments, likes, etc.

Users can follow each other through this app and get the latest photos shared by them right on your feed. The profile section shows all the photos posted by you, your wannagos, users you follow and the users following you. Pashadelic is a complete free download from the App Store. With loads of good features for none of your bucks, Pashadelic is definitely a worthy app to check out!


Pashadelic is a perfect choice for anyone who loves taking photos on the go and sharing it with your friends. This app is really an entertaining one if you love your device camera!

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