Pocket Gems Launches Three Games for Android Devices

By on Dec 18, 2012 at 11:19 am

Following last week’s announcement of Pocket Gems’ expansion into mobile publishing, the first partner title, Chasing Yello, is now available on Google play. Chasing Yello, by dreamfab, headed to Android devices on Friday after a successful launch on Apple’s App Store earlier this year. Also released on Friday are two of this year’s biggest hits for Pocket Gems, Tap Paradise Cove and Campus Life which were previously only available in Apple’s App Store. Both titles found success on Apple’s Top Grossing charts this year and along with Tap Pet Hotel and Tap Zoo, Pocket Gems had four total games make Apple’s Best of 2012 Top Grossing list.

Chasing Yello is an action packed endless runner game made by dreamfab, starring Yello, an adorable goldfish that’s been given a taste of freedom from its 7-year-old owner, Mathilda. Players use tilt and swipe controls to Yello through obstacles like logs, rocks and piranhas as he tries to evade the net of his owner and collect stars and power ups. Chasing Yello had an extremely successful launch on iOS this summer with more than 4.5 million installs and has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating by users. The critics also agree, with AppAdvice saying “this game is lots of fun and a sure winner for fans of the endless runner genre,” while also being called “a blast” by Touch Arcade. Pocket Gems is excited to give Android owners the opportunity to enjoy the game as well.

Debuting in March for iOS devices, Tap Paradise Cove was available in the App Store for only nine months, yet landed as the #14 top grossing app of the year on the App Store for 2012. With only three months of eligibility, Campus Life came in at #98. Never before available on Android devices, now players will be able to enjoy the games millions of fans around the world have already discovered. These titles are now available on Google play and will come to Amazon before the holidays. In Tap Paradise Cove, players can build a thriving colony on an island paradise while battling with pirates, growing their town and building ships to visit distant lands. Campus Life allows players to build the sorority as their dreams while they throw the best parties with the best girls on campus and design their own sorority house. Each game now moves to Android after cultivating dedicated fan bases on iOS devices earlier this year.


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