Pocket God Episode 18 Surf’s Up Now Available, Killer Tsunami!

By on Jun 1, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Pocket God Update 18 Surf's UpEpisode 18 “Surf’s Up” for Pocket God is now available to download after bearing Apple’s drawn out approval process. The latest episode allows you to generate a killer tsunami that sweeps the island and opens up a new “island”, under water! To generate the tsunami, simply push the water side to side.

This new underwater area includes a mysterious statue with a harpoon that shoots from its mouth (just tap his head). The harpoon can hit a pygmy and pull it into its mouth. Unfortunately when you turn on the shark again in the menu system he does not appear (maybe in the future?!). To return back to dry land, swipe your finger downwards while under water.

As a side note the previous problem in episode 17 with the god stats screen was also fixed.

Find new photos of episode 18 in our gallery below!

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  • chris

    This is an AWESOME update! We love the new undersea world… my kids can't get enough of it!

  • Dante dp

    Love the update I like the new statue it looks like it would hurt たはやまか

  • Darragh O Callaghan

    When you pick up the shark on land with one finger and make the tsunami with the other. Keep your finger on the place where the shark was and put the water down. Whilst back up on the island let go of the finger where the shark is. The shark appears to float in the air without your finger there.