Camera Zoom: iPhone Gets Zoom Before 3.0 OS Update

By on Apr 23, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Camera Zoom iPhone AppThe iPhone 3.0 OS update is due this summer and while updates to the camera, including a video record mode, are said to be included, that isn’t stopping the current crop of apps from pushing the envelope and making apps that squeeze every last ounce out of the current 2.0 phone from 2008.  Enter KendiTech, who has a few other apps in the app Store, but none has drawn the attention more than Camera Zoom which allows you to take photos like the built-in camera app, but with one enhancement: zoom!


Camera Zoom operates just like iPhone’s built-in camera app, allowing you to take portrait and landscape photos by clicking the camera button in the same location.  Camera Zoom adds an option for a Full Screen Shutter, allowing you to tap anywhere on the screen to snap your photo.

Where the app really shines is with its 4x digital zoom feature with live preview.  You can either drag the slider to zoom in and out, or you can turn on the Full Screen Slider option which allows you to use the entire screen as a slider, in any direction (up/down or left/right).  Optionally you can change the slider position to appear at the top, bottom, left, or right sides of the screen.  Note that this is obviously not an optical zoom due to the iPhone’s “prime” fixed lens, so any zooming is merely magnifying pixels, hence the degredation in quality.

It does include a Camera Roll feature so that you can view photos in your Camera Roll, which includes the photos you just took with Camera Zoom.

While zoomed in, the screen looks incredibly out of focus, but once you tap the shutter you see a much clearer version of the photo for a split second before it saves it to your Camera Roll.  If I had to guess, it’s applying some super-magical filter to the otherwise blurry image to make it presentable.  You can see this ‘effect’ in the attached photos.

I didn’t encounter any crashes, however when I first installed the app I had some strange problems, including a completely white photo and the disappearance of the zoom slider.  After rebooting my iPhone, those problems went away, so I highly recommend you restart your phone after you install this app.


Look, there’s only so far you can push iPhone’s crappy 2.0 megapixel camera that’s remained unchanged since its initial launch in June 2007.  The photos without the zoom feature are your typical camera-phone photos, so adding zoom to a rather inadequate lens is going to yield you the results you’d expect: crappier pictures!  With that being said, if you need a little bit o’ zoom, 99 cents will definitely satisfy your urge. Look for some examples, below.


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