Redshift – Astronomy Review for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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Do you love staring up into the sky to watch the stars? Redshift – Astronomy by USM can help you learn about the celestial bodies in space. You can even take 3D “flights” to the planets and moons in our solar system, as well as various asteroids and stars, including our sun.

Redshift – Astronomy is a universal app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, which will show you the galaxies and constellations, stars and asteroids, planets and moons out in space. Among the many astronomy apps available for the iOS, Redshift is one of the very best. I would be hard pressed to pick a definite favorite, but to me, Redshift ranks on par with the current most popular star-gazing app.

Like many other top astronomy apps, you can point Redshift on your iDevice up to the sky and move it to get a real-time celestial map. This can aid you in determining the identity of stars you see. Should the sky be too cloudy though, you can still enjoy a mini planetarium on your device. In this arena of armchair sky gazing, Redshift truly shines, for you’re offered an “observatory” to locate various bodies, for instance, planets in our solar system, stars, nebulae and galaxies in deep space, and constellations. Taking 3D flights is yet more spectacular. You will be whisked away and shown models of our sun, moon, and other planets, several asteroids, and stars.

Redshift – Astronomy holds in its databanks over 100,000 stars, 500 deep sky objects, 30 of the largest asteroids, and of course, the major planets and moons in our solar system. Other than viewing these, you can also read up on them in Wikipedia through a convenient link in the app. Graphics-wise, Redshift is amazing, especially since you have a choice of a few panoramic locations, and day or night mode.

Redshift – Astronomy is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys star gazing and wants to learn more about the universe. At its current price of $11.99 in the App Store, it’s not the cheapest astronomy app around, but it’s certainly one of the best.

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