QuBIT for iPhone and iPad Review

By on Aug 23, 2011 at 12:53 pm

If Wall-E had a brother that was a racing bot it would be called QuBIT.  He is a cube shaped robot that smashes colored crystals to derive the power that fuels his cold robot heart…and his rocket thruster.  He blasts through some abandoned Rally course that has been abandoned for millennia.

QuBIT has some robotic friends circling him that remind you what color of crystals are needed.  By crashing into the correct color of crystals, you can complete the stage, and get access to a bonus time where the crystal colors turn white, and all points are good.  there are obstacles that appear after some play such as spike piles, and dull crystals that damage QuBIT.  Obviously they should be avoided.
The control of the game is good, and the colors look bright on the iPad.  The backdrop of the game is almost completely avoided by staging the game in a canyon. There are no buildings to worry about for realism.

If the game is more of an arcade game, then why do you have to choose between riding a turbo rail, or getting the crystals you need?

There is a training section before regular game play which helps get players acquainted with the controls and goals of the game.  I’m still not clear on the goal of the game though..

Currently QuBIT is available for $0.99 in the app store!  This is for a player that is looking to pass time waiting for test results…yes, those test results.


Note: A promotional code was provided by the creator for use in this article.

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