YellowBrck, A New Social Network Exclusively for Moms and Dads Arrives on iPhone

By on May 9, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Kima Ventures-backed YellowBrck, announces the launch of a new social network for iPhone that enables parents to stay in touch while earning coupons and discounts from local and online retailers by “checking-in” to day-to-day parenting activities like mealtime, laundry and playtime. Designed specifically for the growing demographic of connected on-the-go parents, YellowBrck allows parents to share and exchange ideas or activities, tips on parenting and even discover the latest family hot-spots and events, nationwide.

Much like Foursquare and other location-based apps, YellowBrck comes complete with check-ins and badges– but takes things a step further in allowing parents to earn coupons and discounts at stores like Totsy, Abe’s Market, Dapple, EcoMom and Torly Kid as they go about their day. Moms and dads can also check-in with others to organize playdates and collect virtual sticker achievements like “busy body” and “power user” while saving hundreds on diapers, baby wipes, baby food, formula, and more!

According to, ‘moms’ comprise nearly 30% of all iPhone use, and use the device for all types of family activities. A whopping 79% of moms already use their iPhones for shopping-related activity, including downloading coupons and tracking sale items. Yellowbrck adds a special level of discovery, social connection and fun for connected moms and dads alike.

“YellowBrck was created to provide moms and dads with a unique way to connect with each other and save money at the same time. This demographic is highly underrepresented and under-served, so we are presenting them with a fun and beneficial solution,” says Eli Mandelbaum, Co-founder and CEO of YellowBrck. “Parenting is a rewarding job in and of itself, but creating an app that gives moms and dads a little something extra for their hard work is what makes this project extra special for us.”

YellowBrck for iPhone and iPod touch is available for free on the iTunes App Store.


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