Tiki Towers Review and Tips

By on Apr 23, 2009 at 1:21 pm

Tiki TowersReal Networks Inc released Tiki Towers late last year and now the game is finally grabbing attention in the App Store. I came across the game last week and have become instantly addicted, ignoring Zombieville USA all together. Tiki Towers is really a game for strategy lovers and puzzle fans where you help save the monkeys and get them to their destination by building structures, while fighting realistic physics such as bending, breaking, and collisions. You have to work yourself through 5 different islands and 45 levels that can be somewhat challenging.


Real Networks dialed in the graphics tremendously on this game. There is zero lag what-so-ever, and the animations of monkeys jumping around and bamboo bursting are incredibly smooth. The sound track is soothing and does not become an annoyance like other games. The sound level can also be adjusted via the iPhone’s side buttons. The mute fuction on the iPhone also works for this game.


1. Conserve your supplies! Once you get past the first island you will start running out of bamboo fast due to the unique challenges. I found that weeding out some joints in your structures will help maintain it’s rigidity and allow you to build further and reach the destination.

2. Use the Action button to your advantage. Once you fire off that action button, the monkeys come leaping out of their box and start jumping all over your structure. If things are falling apart and resulting in an epic fail, quickly hit the build button again (replaces the action button) and save your monkeys as well as having to start from scratch.

3. Reach further for the bananas! Sometimes the bananas can be out of reach and require extra supplies that you do not have. Cheat your way there by building a tower towards the banana and delete the extra bamboo. When you hit the action button if your structure is touching the banana it will actually stick, bringing it down for your monkeys to eat.


I highly recommend this app to strategy and puzzle lovers like myself and it only costs 99 cents. Real Networks also offer a Free version if you want to try it out.


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