360 Web Browser Review for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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For those who aren’t entirely satisfied with the native Safari app in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, the good news is you can choose from a number of alternative browsers. The trouble lies in deciding which one is best for you, and there isn’t any single definitive answer. Let’s take a look at 360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync by Digital Poke.

360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync is a universal app for the iOS. One of the distinct features of this browser is that it enables you to access your bookmarks in Firefox Sync, a syncing service Firefox provides. If you don’t already have a Firefox Sync account, you’ll have to create one, as well as download the add-on, which works with Firefox 3.5 and newer.

360 Web Browser enables you to open multiple windows through desktop-browser-like tabs and also to download files, such as .exe, .mp3, .pdf, as well as anything else you specify. With just two taps, you can easily enter a space-maximizing full screen mode. The browser’s 360 ARC™—a circular pop-up menu—gives you convenient access to additional functions, including adding new bookmarks, zooming the text size, text search, etc. 27 plug-ins are available too. These include Facebook Share, Twitter Share, Evernote Clipper, Instapaper Plugin, Read It Later, and Clip Converter. Clip Converter lets you convert video formats, which means you should be able to convert online Flash videos into MP4.

With its five free themes and a few more you can purchase within the app, 360 Web Browser looks fairly good too. However, I can’t say it’s entirely friendly on the eyes, as it doesn’t offer any brightness control. This for me is of critical importance in a mobile browser, especially on the iPad, which at its dimmest (native) setting is far brighter than the iPhone. Another feature glaringly lacking in 360 Web Browser is the ability to import Safari bookmarks, which another browser app currently lets me do quite easily. Of course, a future update may well introduce these missing features.

Overall, 360 Web Browser works pretty much the way it claims to, although I must say it’s not the most intuitive browser around. Somehow, while I was trying to reorganize the bookmarks I had imported from Firefox Sync, the entire folder containing these bookmarks disappeared, and I have no idea where they went. Anyhow, if you take the time to get acquainted with 360 Web Browser, you’ll probably find it does offer lots of great features, such as an ad blocker.

To import the bookmarks you have in Firefox Sync, you’ll have to tap and hold on a bookmark folder, after which a few import options will pop-up.

360 Web Browser | Download Manager and Firefox Sync is a universal app currently available in the App Store for $0.99. I would recommend it to Firefox users for easy access to your bookmarks, but not so much for those who mainly use Safari on their desktop computers.

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