Thinksound ts02 8mm Headphones Review

By on Mar 19, 2011 at 8:37 am

If you want the absolute best in sound quality and noise isolation so that you can tune in your sound device of choice — and feel like you are alone in a movie theater with surround sound around you — look no further than Thinksound’s ts02 8mm headphones. These headphones are very stylish with a classy design. Their design includes a (genuine) wooden outer layer, or “housing,” on both of the two plugs with silicon ear fittings that go inside your ears. The speakers look like two small but professional microphones and fit right inside e silicon fittings. Thinksound also includes a very stylish cotton pouch as part of the package — that is full of more silicon fittings to replace the ones already connected and a little clip to connect to your shirt or pocket. The whole package is very well designed with materials and colors that go together perfectly. The cables are dark and connect to the two ear pieces that are silver (besides the wooden base and silicon outer layer.)

When you open up the package, be sure to read through Thinksound’s mini booklet before digging into the earphones themselves. The booklet contains basic history of Thinksound and the design choices behind these headphones. Thinksound went into great care and though process when creating the entire package including the pouch and materials housing the earphones. “Our packaging is crafted from recycled materials and with minimal plastic components,” their booklet explains. “We also use PVC-free cables and choose our wood from renewable resources.”

By reading some of their history and description behind the product, you can clearly see how they care not just about the sound quality of these earphones but how they are made as well — and in what ways do they impact the environment. It feels as if the whole package was crafted out of mother nature itself in a California redwood forest.

But, it isn’t just the sound quality of the speakers in these headphones that make listening to music awesome but the noise reduction as well. Noise reduction is your ability to tune out other interferences and outside sounds. For example, when you wear the earphones and the TV is also on in front of you, you’ll barely if at all hear the TV speakers over your headphone volume. In order to hear the TV you would have to tune the TV volume up over the iPad’s (or other headset/device you have plugged them into) volume up by quite a bit.

When using the headphones, other people also won’t be able to hear the sound coming out of the device you are using as easily as when using even Apple’s speakers. This is because they actually go deep inside your ears. The two ear pieces with the wooden frames (housing) are designed in a way that you can put them comfortable and horizontally into your ears. They are lengthy but thinly built — just enough to fit inside your ear deeply — and the silicon is very comfortable. They also stay on, unlike other speakers, and the cable is spread out far enough so it usually doesn’t get as tangled up or brush up against you.

When I would use the Apple headphones, after prolonged use my ears would get kind of uncomfortable or a bit heavy. A little and irritating itch would develop from their use over long sessions. But with these headphones I can leave them on for pretty much all day long and still feel relaxed without irritation; and forget I even had them on because they are so comfortable. Comfort is the huge selling point for the Thinksound headphones. Comfort makes them worth the price of admission alone — not to mention the high quality of sound and noise isolation you’ll experience and their stylish design.

Try putting them deep inside your ears. The deeper you put them the better noise isolation and sound quality you’ll experience; and as close to your eardrums as possible. Also read the interesting mini booklet that talks about Thinksound and these headphones greater detail.

These Thinksound ts02 8mm headphones come highly recommended to music enthusiasts, mobile movie watchers, or anyone who wants to eliminate distracting sounds we always have to deal with when using our devices in public. They are also recommended for anyone wanting to look good while you tune into your device of choice. They are available from the Thinksound website at a price of $79.99. However, other models besides 8mm are also available cheaper.


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