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Do you love brick-breaker games? In Circuloid for iPhone by Macoscope sp. z o.o., the bricks and obstacles are all in the center, and you’ll be moving your paddles in circles. While you’re breaking the bricks, various bonuses will float out. Can you catch them all and succeed in keeping all your balls in play? With a full circumference to guard, your job’s not going to be easy.

Circuloid for iPhone is an Arkanoid-styled breakout game with a difference. Most brick-breaker games will have you moving a paddle left and right to catch descending balls. There are ceilings and walls against which the balls will rebound off, so you only need to worry about one side (the bottom). In Circuloid, there are no barricading walls except the arcing paddles you can rotate. Although these paddles start off longer than the typical paddle in the average brick-breaker game, it is far more challenging to take care of an entire perimeter.

Currently, the game offers 24 levels of increasing difficulty. The challenges vary between levels. For instance, instead of two paddles, certain levels may feature just one, or the paddles may be shorter. As you break bricks, bonuses are released. These include extra lives, extra points, a safety-bumper, and power-ups that will speed up your ball or split it into three balls. To get them, you’ll have to catch them with your paddles. Not all are good bonuses, however. If you happen to intercept a round red “bonus” containing a heart with a cross, you’ll lose a life. Another power-up will turn your ball into rubber. It doesn’t appear to do anything useful.

Three control options are available: Touch, Slider, and Accelerometer. Touch is the default control, and the most intuitive, as the paddles rotate in the same direction in which you move your finger. I personally found the Slider confusing, because sliding your finger up (right-handed setting) makes the paddles turn clockwise, when I had expected the paddles to rotate according to the direction of my movement, i.e. anti-clockwise. The advantage of the Slider, however, is that it enables you to move the paddles much faster, and you can also fine-tune the sensitivity, something that’s lacking in the Touch control. Under the default Touch control setting, I found turning the paddles to be too slow, which makes playing the game especially tough if you only have one paddle. If sensitivity adjustment could be added, Touch control would be perfect.

Aside from my slight issues with the controls, Circuloid is simply one of the most awesome and addictive breakout games available. I really like the challenges that the circular play has to offer. Replay value is excellent for those perfectionists who will settle for nothing less than the highest score.

Try to catch as many green hearts as you can, which represent extra lives. At the end of each level, you’ll be given 5000 points for every ball you have left.

If you’re using the default Touch control, I have found sliding my thumb across the circular playing area gets the paddle to the other side much more promptly, however, you also end up blocking your view. Moving your thumbs around the circle the normal way is unfortunately sometimes too slow.

Circuloid for iPhone is an addictive brick-breaker game that will challenge your dexterity. Grab it now from the App Store for $0.99. iPad owners may wish to get Circuloid for their iPads instead, which is currently priced similarly.

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