Rumor: A5 Chip Details Revealed About Upcoming iPad 2, Next iPhone

By on Jan 17, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Seems more sources are coming out and confirming the new rumors regarding iPad 2 specs and future Apple plans for the device as well as the next iPhone. The A5 chip has been recently been mentioned when it comes to the iPad 2 specifically and it looks like it will come with a pretty big bang and upgrade.

According to Engadget, AppleInsider has sources that revealed that it will have a dual-core graphic SGX543 GPU, otherwise known as PowerVR 535. The current video option by Apple is a single A4 SGX535 GPU so this would be a massive upgrade when it comes to graphics and games.

In fact, according to Engadget, “the graphical power improvement is rated at around 4X the current generation — which makes a true 4X resolution iPad “Retina Display” upgrade seem much more of a possibility.

“We’re also starting to see 1080p HDMI video output as a “default” spec in this year’s generation of devices, so there’s no reason Apple will want to be left out — particularly in the Apple TV — and these dual graphics cores could handle that easily.”

It seems Apple is pushing boundaries not just when it comes to accessability and productivity but in the entertainment sphere of things as well. With such powerful displays and graphics could their aim be to take over the handheld gaming market as well? Or will such powerful GPUs serve as a solution for video editing and other tools? Only time will tell but it is great to see Apple push hardware revisions further.



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