Maker of Crysis Series, Crytek, Seeking iOS Developers

By on Jan 15, 2011 at 7:16 pm

Could the next Crysis title or spinoff be headed for the iPad and iPhone? A recent job posting was revealed that shows Crytek is interested in developing for iOS platforms. At the end of the job listing gaming was mentioned.

“Designs and develops complex, integrated iPhone/iPad applications,” the listing states.

Further down the listing has, “Passion for video games,” as one of the requirements for the job.

Now would seem like the perfect time for a big time developer like Crytek, with an impressive track record of wooing gamers in terms of graphics and technical capabilities, to get into iOS development. I imagine Crytek saw what Epic accomplished with Infinity Blade – in terms of getting such attention by the entire gaming and tech world and the success it is having on the App Store — that Crytek would want to enter that market. It wouldn’t be too surprising if Crytek ups the ante and raises the bar to truly produces an engine to marvel at and a game that is console-like quality not just in terms of graphics and production values but scope and gameplay as well.



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