Capcom Going All Out with Support for the iOS Platform

By on Jan 13, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Capcom has recently decided to put some heavy muscle in iOS development with some new game announcements. Mobile gamers can look forward to a new Resident Evil title and Devil May Cry as well.

‘Devil May Cry Refrain’ is coming out later this month or early February while ‘Resident Evil Mercenaries Vs.’ Is scheduled for sometime later this year.

DMC Refrain is based on the console hit Devil May Cry 4 and RE Mercenaries VS. will be an online-multiplayer Resident Evil game. The Capcom-Unity blog goes into further detail about what to expect gameplay wise from the two titles:

Devil May Cry 4 refrain follows the story of DMC 4. Like its console namesake you unleash a wave of carnage on the forces of darkness by sword, handgun and the ubiquitous Devil Bringer. DMC is all about looking awesome while whooping on demons and DMC4 refrain allows neophytes to execute spectacular combos with a virtual three-button system and hardcore gamers to bring the pain with a more refined virtual four-button control scheme. More potent combos can be unlocked by collecting red orbs from fallen foes.  Look for Devil May Cry 4 refrain on the App Store Late January/Early February.

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS brings Resident Evil’s popular mercenaries mode to the iPhone in a stand alone app.  Players will be able to connect via WiFi and Bluetooth in matches-up to four players for some co-opp and competitive zombie fightin’ fun.  Resident Evil Mercenaries VS will be available on the App Store later this year.

On top of Capcom’s recent surge of iOS-game support, Capcom has gotten in a bit of trouble — or bad publicity rather than trouble so far — over one of their iOS games sharing similarities to another Xbox Live Arcade game. The controversy stems from their recently released, MaXplosion, having almost identical explosion-type gameplay that Splosion Man has by Twisted Pixel Games. Accusations by some Twisted Pixel Games members go as far as call it stealing the entire concept. In fact, IGN unveiled, from Twisted Pixel Games co-founder Michael Wilford’s tweets, that Twisted Pixel Games tried to take the game idea originally to Capcom only to be rejected.


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