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By on Jan 12, 2011 at 9:44 am

A popular Flash game has recently been ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Ramps by Backabit is a physics puzzler in which you can manipulate ramps in order to roll a bright-eyed ball across a dangerous sea of fire or water to land it into a bucket. Can you avoid all the obstacles and get the ball to safety in the shortest time possible?

Ramps is a delightful physics puzzler with a hundred levels spread across two worlds. The game appears to have a simple concept, yet it is fun and challenging.

In the first world, you’ll have to guide an animated ball to a bucket in the middle of an entire lake of fire, while in the second world, water forms the major hazard. For each level, you’ll have one or more ramps of varying lengths that you can move or rotate. There may also be other unmovable barriers or items that you’ll have to get around. Some objects in the game have interesting effects. For instance, in World 2, a frozen ramp will make the ball freeze up and grow larger with a build-up of ice. You will be awarded points not only for successfully completing the task, but also based on the time you take. Obviously, you should solve the puzzle in the fastest time possible in order to reap a high score. In some levels, you can earn bonus points by picking up yellow smiley coins.

The physics is spot-on in Ramps. While the graphics are simple, the art style very much suits the gameplay. The ramps are also easy to control. Seeing how well the game works, I have little to complain of, except I wish the levels were divided between more worlds or there was more change of scenery (other than the introduction of new objects or obstacles, which is fun). I got a bit tired of repeatedly seeing the same fiery bottom and watery lake, although World 2 was more interesting to me with its ice blocks and falling icicles. One thing I appreciated though was being able to play the levels in World 2 without having first finished World 1.

To get a gold medal on a level, you’ll need to overcome three challenges. For all levels, these include completing the level on your first attempt and in two minutes or less. The third challenge varies between levels, and may involve collecting a smiley coin or completing the level within a certain time.

This is a great time to grab Ramps, as it’s currently on offer in the App Store for $0.99. The game will easily find appeal with fans of physics puzzlers, and also casual gamers.

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