Comcast Xfinity TV App Will Stream Live TV on iPad Soon

By on Jan 10, 2011 at 5:59 pm

The Xfinity TV Universal App on the App Store currently allows iDevice owners to control and streamline their Comcast television use with an iDevice as a remote. You can quickly change channels and navigate menus, schedule dvr recordings, browse through OnDemand menus much quicker than with a standard remote and with easy-filtering options.

According to the Comcast press release however, the future, and especially this year, will hold much larger options for Comcast use with the app. They plan on allowing iPad users to watch their television shows, including live TV and OnDemand, on the go. This would eliminate the need for a Slingbox or other means people currently use to access live streams on the iPad. One drawback is that the app doesn’t recognize all Comcast cable boxes yet.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Comcast recently stated that 75,000 people downloaded the Xfinity TV app.

Besides purchasing a slingbox, there are a number of apps and ways for current iPad owners to access television on the go. An example is the SPB TV app. However many of these apps feature foreign or public channels and some apps seem to have poor bandwidth and reception on channels. There are also browser-based live-TV stream options like FilmOnTV that work with the iPad (some with all iDevices). I actually find FilmOnTV pretty good in terms of reception and picture quality for the price and channels offered but not a full substitute for Comcast, Dish, or DirectTv.

With the 2011 Xfinity TV app update plans, things are looking a lot more hassle-free and inexpensive for current Comcast subscribers if the promises come through.


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  • Anonymous

    Interesting article, it sounds like Comcast is trying to catch up to DISH Network. I can tell you as an employee and customer that DISH Network already offers this. You can access live TV from your 3g smartphone or a wifi connection anywhere in the world. You can also manage your DVR recordings.

    • Kikuyu

      I would rather use rabbit ears on my TV then use Dish. Come on it’s the 21 century. Im using Xfinity app and so cool. I just dumped Netflix also and saving money. Love it. Happy birthday to me. Kim