Apple Drops Restocking Fees January 11

By on Jan 10, 2011 at 12:09 pm

The 10% restocking fee for returned hardware that Apple currently charges will not become an issue soon as Apple is dropping the practice entirely.

According to Engaget, the date coincides with a New York Verizon press conference that could be geared for their iPhone 4. Another reason for the date could be to match BestBuy.

In a ComputerWorld report by Gregg Keizer, an analyst is quoted explaining the motives for Apple dropping the fees:

Apple has relaxed its restocking practices in the past. Last July, for example, Apple dropped the fee for the iPhone following the brouhaha over antenna problems with the then-new iPhone 4.

“This reflects a cost-benefit analysis by Apple,” said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst for Technology Business Research, when asked about the purported changes. “They know what the cost is … and the benefit they evaluate by asking ‘How does this reflect on our service?'”

From Gottheil’s chair, Apple can easily afford the disappearance of the restocking fees, and gains additional credence as a company that cares about customers.

“This is one of Apple’s tricks,” said Gottheil. “In Macs, for example, there are price gaps at the entry level between Apple and non-Apple, but their customer service allows potential customers to think about their products differently. Clearly, they want that perception as heightened as possible because it’s one of the key differentiators between them and other PC makers.”


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