Dots-n-Bombs Review for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

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Dots and boxes are more complicated than they look. And what happens when you toss in some bombs? What you’ll get is Dots-n-Bombs by Dogbite Software, Ltd. In this strategy game, you’ll join the dots in an attempt to form boxes and seal your stars within them. Use bombs to thwart your opponent’s moves or shield your stars. How many times can you prevail?

Dots-n-Bombs is based on a classic pencil and paper strategy game, and is a universal app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In this game, you’ll be presented with a grid of dots. You and your opponent(s) will take turns to draw a single line between two adjacent dots. The objective is to form boxes. Whoever completes the final side of a box wins that box with a colored star. Every time you complete a box and get a star, you can draw another line. In this way, you may lay claim to chains of boxes.

Dots-n-Bombs adds a twist to the classic game by giving you three bombs. The largest bomb will blast away all the lines and stars within a 3×3 grid. A smaller 2×2 bomb is also available. The last is a shield bomb, which will protect all the stars within a small area (2×2 on iPhone; 3×3 on iPad) from being removed by other bombs. In this game mode, you’ll have 30 seconds to make your move each turn. A medium number of lines will be pre-filled, and setting off a bomb will count for one turn. Three other game modes are available. In Lightning Round, you’ll have a brief 15 seconds per turn, with a medium number of pre-filled lines and no bombs. Classic mode is the classic dots and boxes game, as its name suggests. This will allow for a relaxed game with no pre-filled lines, bombs, or time limits. Lastly, you can also play a Custom game and define your own rules. You can pick your preferred time limit per turn, play with or without bombs, and decide if you’d like any pre-filled lines. Other than different game modes, Dots-n-Bombs offers both single player and multiplayer modes. The latter allows for pass-and-play with up to four players, and connection to other devices via Bluetooth or local wifi.

Beginners may find the single player mode tough, since you’ll be competing against a very quick AI. The game will be especially tougher on the iPad due to the larger grid size (10×10 dots vs 6×8 dots on the iPhone and iPod Touch). So if you find the AI too difficult to beat, I recommend starting with Classic or Custom game modes. It would be good if in future a player could be allowed to select the grid size. All in, the classic strategy game of dots and boxes has been well implemented in Dots-n-Bombs. The graphics look as nice as one can expect for a game of this nature, and there are also suitable sound effects.

While you are in the preliminary stage of drawing lines, try to break up the board into several sections instead of allowing the formation of long chains. You may start by segmenting off the corners. Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice boxes, in which case, you can pick the smaller areas.

Dots-n-Bombs is an excellent strategy game and is well recommended to fans of the classic dots and boxes game. Available as a universal app, you can download it from the App Store for just $0.99.

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  • Dogbite Software

    Hello AppModo, Dogbite Software here. Just to quickly address one point of your nicely-worded review: “It would be good if in future a player could be allowed to select the grid size.” We chose to address this via letting the user choose to pre-fill some of the lines on the board from the start of the game. This has the same affect as making the board smaller or larger, really. But if enough people feel otherwise, we sure would consider making a change in a future update. Thanks again! We hope some of your readers check the game out. We think it’s a fun time. -the Dogbite team.