Terrorist Zombies Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Jan 7, 2011 at 9:36 am

Legions of zombies are taking over the world after terrorists unleashed an experimental neurotoxin. As a marine, you are to defend what little remains of human civilization by gunning down incoming zombies to buy uninfected civilians enough time to evacuate. This is the futuristic scenario presented in Terrorist Zombies by Appular. How many zombie waves can you survive?

Terrorist Zombies is a third person shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game, you’ll take up a stationary position to defend your base against an invasion of zombies, and if you survive long enough, you’ll progress from one city to another.

A wide range of weapons is available for you to employ against the zombies. You’ll first start off with a regular gun, and every zombie you kill will earn you money, which you can use in the store to buy over a dozen new weapons, from handguns and machine guns to a grenade launcher and even a laser chainsaw. The shop also sells additional items at a high cost, such as health boosts. While you’re fighting off the zombies, you may sometimes obtain random power-ups, of which there are a total of four kinds. Tapping on these power-ups will let you call for air strikes and artillery drops, trigger the detonation of all zombies on sight, and restore lost health.

The game controls are pretty smooth. You can easily aim your weapon’s crosshairs by moving your finger anywhere on the screen, and with your right thumb, you can tap the fire button, reload your gun, or change your weapon. Aiming works well enough, but if you wish, you can adjust the sensitivity in the game options. As for the graphics, it is impressive in the cut scenes, and all right during gameplay. The game offers a good challenge with its variety of zombies. Some bigger zombies may take more shots to kill, while jumping zombies will be harder to target, and of course they will also attack in progressively increasing numbers. All in, Terrorist Zombies is a fun survival-styled shooting game.

Terrorist Zombies is recommended to fans of zombies and shooting games. Check it out in the App Store for $0.99.

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