OnLive Cloud Gaming Coming to Vizio Hardware

By on Jan 6, 2011 at 4:06 am

OnLive, which is a cloud based gaming solution, especially useful for gamers who don’t have powerful setups or beefy video cards (but want to play PC or modern console games), is coming to tablets and even phones. OnLive partnered up with Vizio to bring the technology to various Vizio devices with VIA Plus support for future Blue-ray players, and their Android-based tablet and smartphone.

Playing high-end computer and console games on a portable device is really a mobile gamer’s dream come true. One question comes to mind about bringing such a gaming solution to different devices, based on different control schemes, is that it could potentially make the games less-or-more competitive for certain gamers online in multiplayer matches. An OnLive Viewer app is currently available for iPad but not allow actual control of the games — at least not yet.



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