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Do you ever need to make measurements? If you have ever found yourself wishing you could know the distance or height of an object or building, no matter how far away or inaccessible, SpectaRuler by HollingTech Software LLC can help you. All you’ll need is an iPhone.

Forget about those common measurement apps that fit a short ruler onto your measly iPhone screen. How many objects are that small anyhow? With SpectaRuler, you can measure far larger objects, and at a distance too!

SpectaRuler can help you make measurements in three ways. Through Distance and Elevation, you can measure the distance to an object and the elevation change (between your iPhone and the object). The app advises that the ground between your first and second measurements should ideally be level. On the other hand, when measuring through Distance and Height, which provides the height and distance to a vertical object, the app will by itself compensate for any changes in ground elevation. You should use the third mode, Distance, Height and Width, if you need to know the distance to a vertical rectangular object, as well its height and width. Examples of rectangular objects you may measure include windows, walls, posters, etc.

For SpectaRuler to do a good job with measurements, you’ll need to be very certain about your shoe size. The app utilizes your shoe size and heel-to-toe step counts as a reference in its calculations, which employ 3D vector triangulation, perspective, and calculus. When taking measurements, you may adjust your step counts from as few as two to as many as a hundred. Higher step counts will result in greater measurement accuracy. Instructions will be provided every step of the way. Generally, you’ll have to align the camera crosshairs on the screen with a certain position on your target (typically the top, bottom, or center), tap the screen, take x number of steps, and repeat the process as instructed. Measurements are given in both feet and meters. While the app may do a good job with all the calculations, be aware that this measurement process is subject to user errors. Hence, you should closely follow all the instructions and guidelines.

SpectaRuler may not be able to measure all objects. Some objects may be too large or far away to measure (such as mountains, perhaps). But the app should be able to fulfill most normal measurement needs. For every measurement, SpectaRuler will indicate the approximate measurement uncertainty. If you require precise measurements of reachable objects, you should still probably use a tape measure, but should you only need a good estimation or if an object is too difficult to measure manually, SpectaRuler will be extremely handy.

1. When you start and finish walking, make sure your feet are aligned side-by-side.
2. Tilt your device by holding it from the bottom.
3. Shoe sizes can vary. So if your measurements are always too low or too high, you should respectively increase or decrease your shoe size (by half size increments or decrements).

SpectaRuler is recommended to anyone who might need to measure large, tall, or distant objects, especially in situations where it may be impossible or impractical to do so with a tape measure. The app is currently available in the App Store for $2.99.

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