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Corpse Craft by Three Rings Design is a match-3 puzzle game that happens to be a castle-defense strategy game with a unique twist on the formula. Although the game is also available as an online flash game, it really surprised me on the iPad with it’s quirky gameplay, great graphics, and unique art style. There are different game modes to choose from and the game is free to download and play unless you want more features and a full story mode. In that case, the game is very much worth the $3.99 App Store price tag.


Corpse Craft is centered around a castle-defense element of protecting a base-structure, called a workshop, that you are defending from undead enemy-creatures. At the same time, you are trying to destroy the other side’s workshop and its various undead enemies while creating your own army to send at them. You gain different colored resources through the match-3 puzzle game that is occurring during the action and the in-between rest periods when the sun comes up overhead.

That is the real unique aspect to the title of how you have to organize and unleash your army in the moonlight-darkness, but once the moon disappears — and you can tell when it is going up — and the sun comes up, every undead creature from both sides dies. So you have to plan attacks and defenses in advance to save your resources right. The resources are represented by different colors being combined to create creatures of various abilities.

While the action is happening with your creatures battling others you will be playing a match-3 puzzle game where you earn these resources depending on the colors you eliminate. As in other match-3 games, the more colors you get lined up and eliminate the greater the prize is — or in this case, the resources you acquire.

Sometimes you will be facing two workshops at once from two story-characters in the game and you select the one you want your creatures to attack with the touch of a finger. There are also all kinds of creatures at your — and the opposite side’s — disposal. Examples include small dog-like Delivery Boys that come charging on your workshop to explode and deliver some damage. Female, vampire-like-and-melee-combatants called Street-Walkers. Rolling ball-like lumps of meat called Abominations — or as they are referred to in the game as ‘flesh-behemoths.’ And, multiple arm-throwers called Handy-Men. There are also items you can gather and with certain creatures and use in the game.

The game is fairly challenging and I imagine it would especially be true for players new to match-3 puzzle games. It is also hard to keep track of the action and the puzzle portions of the game at the same time with your eyes and focus. It can get pretty hectic and feels like you are multitasking inside a game so to speak. Those would be my only gripes with the style of play and genres Corpse Craft fuses together.


When you see the moon going up, start conserving resources or your match-3 puzzle winnings because you probably won’t have time for a full-scale assault right as the sun is coming up and your creatures will die out then anyway. So create only a certain amount for defensive measures. Also, in the match-3 portion of the game, learn to wait for large winnings rather than clearing only three colors at a time. Some colors and resources are harder to upkeep and you will be running out of them more than others. When running low on some resource-colors, you will need to clear less than two of an adjacent color — even though you will lose points and your resources of that color will go down — in order to rank up resource-colors you need most.


I would recommend this game quite frankly to anyone who is interested in puzzle games, castle-defense games or dark and moody adventures. It is a very atmospheric, halloween-or-gothic themed game. It also happens to be very unique in terms of gameplay and its take on a match-3 puzzler-strategy-defense hybrid. with a very interesting day-night system that really takes the match-3 puzzle strategy deeper than most games. The day-and-night cycles force you to make hard decisions when to attack or defend in order to conserve resources.

YouTube Video

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Video is of the flash version but gameplay is the same outside the touch interface


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