CableJive duraSYNC: A Durable Cable

By on Jan 27, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Hate it when your Apple sync cable rips? Or it becomes loose and no longer sturdy? CableJive has the perfect solution for your cable woes. Check out how this cable holds up to everyday test.


I travel a lot. It really is a big nuisance having to cram my white Apple cable into my carry-on bag. About a month ago after untangling it I found a rip. It was right near the USB connecter. I could see the copper wires inside and it was pitiful. I have to go spend 20 something dollars on a brand new wire. This wire could rip again knowing the way I cram my wire into my bag. Rather then spending 20 dollars on another wire which could rip why don’t I shed out 20 dollars on a wire which won’t rip? This is where CableJive’s duraSYNC comes into play. CableJive’s duraSYNC comes with much more protection then Apple’s white cable, for less. It comes with three main features. The first one to note is the padding on the USB and 30-pin connecters. The padding is much larger then on Apple’s cable. This padding protects it from drops. Now it is not natural to run your car over a cable, but this can withstand the weight. A second point is the actual wire’s casing. It seems like a sturdy rubber which can keep it from ripping. The third feature is the inner casing of wire. It is an aluminum type seal which houses the copper wires.

How exactly does the case hold up to EXTREME test? Look at the video below!
YouTube Preview Image

Overall, the wire is amazing! If your Apple wire recently failed this would be a great substitute for it. It is a bit expensive compared to no-name wires but I feel it is worth the price. Get it directly from CableJive for $19 here.



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