Case-Mate Fuel Max for iPhone 4 Review-Battery Extender Case

By on Jan 2, 2011 at 7:47 pm

You just bought or received your iPhone 4 for the holidays. We all know that the majority of you are obsessed with it and cannot put it down.(If you weren’t you would not be reading this review right now) What stinks about your obsession is the iPhone’s battery has to die. With Case-Mate’s Fuel Max Case you can extend the obsession.


The iPhone 4’s battery has improved from the iPhone 2G, tremendously. The iPhone 4 has to though, with Retina Display, Multitasking, and the Camera your iPhone 4 drains the battery, fast. With Case-Mate’s Fuel Max you can more then double your iPhone 4’s battery life. How big is the case’s battery? The Fuel Max comes in at 2000MaH. This is larger then the iPhone’s battery by about 600MaH. In this review we will break down the different aspects of the case.


The build of the Fuel Max is decent. Gripping the case is easy despite the case’s bulky design. I do understand that the case’s battery is massive but I wish the engineers spent a little more time slimming the case down. Having one box like design was a nice touch to the case though. Many other battery cases have a bulky area where the battery is housed and a curved area where it is not. Personally cases that have this crossover just look queer. These can also be much harder to grip. The matte like material which is used for the case does suit the iPhone 4. Sticky items can cause a sticky situation with this type of material. If you are one of those people that place food into your pocket and forget about it later this case would not be right for you. Eating chips or other oily substances, you can forget picking up your iPhone with this case on. Oily fingerprints are visible on this type of case. The two-piece design is not the best. There is a visible gap between the two which looks like the case was designed poorly. The pieces do seem to be very secure and I doubt one will detach from the other without intentionally doing so. Speaking of detaching the case you can intentionally do this by holding down the squarish button on the back. This was surprisingly easy and simple. All the cutouts are precise and you have no issues controlling any buttons. There is not flash flooding when taking a picture with the LED flash. A large case mate logo is embossed in the back. I wish case-mate just put their logo on the back rather then their whole name. This is not an issue but it is excessive branding. Under the branding are the LED battery indicator lights. These turn can be turned on by holding down the power button located below the indicator lights. The overall protection is stunning. This usually is the fact for any bulky case. Case-mate has done an excellent job by adding a bezel buffer to protect the screen. The corners are thick which really does protect them unlike other battery extender cases.


Now on to the feature which gives the case it’s name. The battery of the Fuel Max is astonishing. It can extend the iPhone’s features by more then 100 percent! Below are the timings for each activity.

Talk Time: Up to 9 additional hours beyond standard iPhone battery life
Internet Use: Up to 7 additional hours beyond standard iPhone battery life
Video Playback: Up to 10 additional hours beyond standard iPhone battery life
Audio Playback: Up to 30 additional hours beyond standard iPhone battery life
Standby Time: Up to 300 additional hours beyond standard iPhone battery life

The battery is charged using the included USB cable. I recommend charging the case overnight but this is not necessary. Syncing is a breeze using the same cable, unlike other cases where you would have to remove the case.

In review the case is an excellent companion for the iPhone 4. The flaws are very minor and do not affect the rest of the case. It is a bit expensive at $99.99 but is worth it if you are in the market for a heavy-duty battery case. The case is available directly from


I recommend this case for any person who actively uses their iPhone in a heavy duty environment.

I also recommend this case for anyone who has an iPhone obsession but tends to drop their iPhone a lot.



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