Zoo Rescue Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Dec 31, 2010 at 9:30 am

The animals have escaped from the zoo and gotten stuck in treacherous territory. They’ll need your help to save them. In Zoo Rescue by Tapulous, Inc., you will maneuver a helicopter through winding ravines to airlift the stranded animals. Can you successfully bring them to safety without damaging the helicopter or hurting any animals?

Zoo Rescue is a casual game for the iPhone and iPod Touch in which you need to guide a helicopter around hazardous obstacles to pick up the lost zoo animals. At the same time, there are coins and power-ups for you to collect along the way.

The game controls are deceptively simple. To lift the helicopter, you have to keep tapping with your finger, and to steer it, you just need to tilt your device left and right. While this sounds straightforward, the game gets extremely challenging after the first few levels. Instead of a straight, vertical ravine, you’ll have to traverse increasingly longer and more twisting ravines to get to the animals. In addition, the number of animals you’ll need to save will grow. That’s not all either. Your helicopter has a limited supply of gas, so you have to carry all the animals back to the landing pad before you run out of fuel. In addition, you have to do so without damaging your helicopter more than three times. Aside from avoiding the rock walls, you also have to steer away from other obstacles such as whirlwinds. You will be rewarded for your performance with up to a maximum of three stars. This will in turn be determined by the number of bonus points you get. Bonus points will be awarded based on your helicopter’s health, the animals’ health, as well as the remaining gas. During your mission, you can gather scattered coins for more points, additional gas fuel-ups, and also shields to protect your helicopter against a single knock.

With its attractive graphics and simple controls, the game should find appeal with both kids and adults. Currently, Zoo Rescue offers twenty levels. Although this may sound few, the levels pose plenty of challenge, and Tapulous is also promising more levels in future updates.

You have to pick up all the animals within a single trip or risk running out of gas. Tap as lightly as you can on the gas for more bonus points. Each animal can pick another one up; you just have to link them up by their “hands”.

Casual gamers may like to check out Zoo Rescue, which is currently available in the App Store for $0.99. Those who don’t mind a good challenge and tapping to fly may find this fun.


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