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By on Dec 28, 2010 at 9:45 am

Do you like apps that are simple and easy to use, yet look good and provide added functionality? You can find all this in Today Voice Notes by Spielhaus. While the native Voice Memos app in your iPhone or iPod Touch works well enough as an audio recorder, Today Voice Notes will impress you with its fluid ease of use and extra features.

Today Voice Notes is a cute little voice memo utility for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Styled similarly to Spielhaus’s Today Todo, you can’t help but feel happier seeing a field of golden sunflowers and the bright round sun riding high in the sky.

Starting a recording session can’t be simpler. Just invert your device! A huge sunflower will then appear on the screen. To pause, simply tap its center, and thereafter, if you wish to save your recording, you can tap again elsewhere on the screen. Alternatively, you can skip the pause step and turn your device back upright to automatically save. If inverting your device isn’t your style, you can also look to the bottom right of the screen and tap the sunflower with the red dot in its center (inverting to save won’t work in this case, however).

Managing your recordings is equally intuitive. Your voice memos are grouped according to their dates, with your latest memos listed under “Today”. To access your older memos, you can either slide the sun to the right or left (just as in Today Todo). Night will then fall upon the sunflowers, and a glowing moon will appear. Similarly, you can slide the moon either way to bring you from Yesterday back to Today. Deleting a voice memo works in the typical iOS fashion: just swipe to the right on the individual listing.

You can fast-forward your recordings during playback, and even add text notes and pictures by double-tapping the voice memo. Sharing a voice note is easy too. Tapping and holding on the play button will generate an email with your voice memo attached. Unfortunately, unlike in the native Voice Memos app, you can’t trim a recording. But if enough users deem such a feature useful or necessary, I won’t be surprised if Spielhaus works at incorporating it in a future update. The app does contain everything else essential to making audio notes. Most important, you can easily download your voice notes to your computer by running the app’s web server, which will work through your browser. Overall, I’ve found using Today Voice Notes a joy.

Today Voice Notes is well recommended to anyone who frequently makes audio notes and would appreciate the added ability to attach images and text notes. This nifty recording utility is currently available in the App Store for $1.99.

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