Dead Space by EA Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You and Looking Great

By on Dec 28, 2010 at 10:28 am

Touchgen did an extensive preview of the title and it is looking spectacular. EA apparently pulled a video showcasing the title in action, and judging by the Touchgen hands-on and the comments from various toucharcade members who’ve seen it, we should be in for a treat (the video also isn’t too hard to find for the web wizards out there). Apparently, the title is not on-rails like the Wii version but is an actual third person horror-adventure that controls similar and plays to the original.

EA Mobile has really stepped up their game lately with the recent NFS Hot Pursuit update — while the game is still $.99 — to the way Dead Space mobile is shaping out to be.

“The great thing about Dead Space for the iPhone is that it is exactly that: Dead Space. It’s not a (disappointing) animated comic, a mini-game collection, a top-down shooter, or any of the other rubbish game variants that major titles tend to see in their mobile ports,” Matt Dunn from Touchgen said. It looks and plays exactly like Dead Space looks and plays on the console versions.”

In terms of storytelling, the title will be a bridging gap between the first game and the upcoming sequel, according to Dunn. No confirmation on price or release just yet.

EA Mobile has released two screenshots so far on their Facebook page.


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  • royal

    Is it going to be released for the Android phones?