USB Fever’s FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPad Review

By on Dec 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Turn on the radio. Go to your favorite station. Hoping for them to be playing your favorite song. You have it on your iPhone but the speakers just aren’t loud enough. What to do? Yes you can get one of those wires which plug into the car’s stereo but those restrict the amount of space you can move your iPhone. If you have passengers in the back who want to choose a song they have to unplug the iPhone. USB fever’s solution? An FM Transmitter which can be used wirelessly.


USB Fever’s FM Transmitter is a small, compact device. It’s design is relatively simple. A black box with two white buttons, a 30-pin connector, and a 30-pin connector opening. To use the device just plug in the FM Transmitter and change the station. Then turn on the song. Now some stations have a very strong transmission. These stations cause disruption with the FM Transmitter. This has nothing to do with the quality of FM Transmitter but just that the radio signals from the powerful radio stations are close by. Switch through the stations a few times and you can find the perfect station. How do you change the FM Transmitter’s frequency? Simply press the “+” and “-” button. I recommend finding a station with a disruption in your car first. Then input the station into the FM Transmitter. Most of the time this station has the best sound quality when using the FM Transmitter. Once you find the best frequency, enjoy!

Something a bit interesting to me was the extra 30-pin connector opening. This allows your iPhone to be charged while you listen to your music! I was very impressed as many companies do not think of this. Bravo! to USB Fever for this feature! I was also impressed by the FM transmitter’s screen. It has a beautiful blue screen with digital numbers. This is unlike an analog FM Transmitter which can be difficult to tell which station it is on. USBfever has also reduced the weight and thickness by not requiring the FM Transmitter to have it’s own batteries. It runs off your iPhone’s battery. It also runs efficiently. The blue digital display turns off when not being used. This conserves your iPhone’s battery. Plus and minus buttons are very simple. Not flashy all they do is perform their job. I like the simple design especially because it keeps the price down. I did have one problem though. The 30-pin connector which connects to your iPhone does not work with most cases. If USB fever added a bigger 30-pin connector that would be excellent.

USB Fever’s FM Transmitter is excellent. I have used a few other transmitters and this has to be the best. The transmission is very clear and does not have disturbances. The transmitter is available for $15.99 which is a great value. If you would like a silver FM Transmitter rather then a black one the price would be $16.99. You can buy the transmitter directly from USB fever’s site.

A big thanks to USBfever for providing this device for your review.


I recommend this accessory to just about anyone who loves music. If you have a case which is difficult to remove I would wait a bit for USB Fever to fix the 30-pin connector problem. I will post when USB Fever fixes the problem.



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