Quirky New Platformer Hit the App Store

By on Dec 27, 2010 at 10:17 am

A very interesting and innovative platformer called Terava by Julian Raschke just came out of nowhere. The game really showcases the innovative indie spirit with the way the controls have been implemented as well as the art direction of the title. It is also a Universal App.

YouTube Preview Image


Looking at the gameplay trailer, it is safe to assume there aren’t many other platformers on the App Store with such unique touch-controls. You can see for example the player swiping back to shoot an arrow with a bow. This is exactly what I talked about in a previous article about innovation with the touch-and-tilt only iDevices. There is also a lot of interaction with various other characters in the game-world.

These are the kinds of games we need more of. Rather than simply making a safe title like an endless runner this developer really surprised me. The bosses, missile abilities, jumping, and interaction in the game with other world objects and NPCs (non-player characters) reminds me a bit of an old DOS title called Zeliard. And, that is quite a conpliment as that game still has a following to this day (just google it to see all the active sites dedicated to it). Lets hope Terava draws interest and we see more such titles from the developer.


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  • Glad you enjoy it! I spent much time fine-tuning the control scheme and I still have some adjustments for 1.3 coming. At the same time, this is the only article covering Terava so far, after two weeks of marketing. If people want quirky apps, review sites have to give them a chance. If you know other reviewers, feel free to recommend me, or to contact me about a promo code for further testing. – Julian