Price-drop for the iTunes Store’s Only Joke-Animating App

By on Dec 25, 2010 at 5:09 am

Houston, Texas – The only “joke-animating” app on the iTunes app store will cut its price in half for the last week of 2010. For a limited time, the app will cost $0.99 for both the iPhone and iPad versions.

The Paper People Jokes app for iPhone and iPad takes user-generated content to a new level. The app is a direct pipeline between the audience and the show’s animators. Users record themselves telling their favorite jokes, and every week several are selected and animated.

The app also offers periodical contests for its users. Rob Mozell and Xander A. each won $25 iTunes gift cards for their joke submissions to the holiday joke contest. To see an example of the app’s content in action, visit the Paper People Jokes YouTube channel that show weekly previews of the jokes that were animated over the past week on the app.

In summary, Paper People Jokes gives users a chance to “collaborate” with the Paper People Jokes animating staff, and re-invents the tradition of joke-telling and joke-sharing for a whole new generation. Boasting over 90 animated jokes already (with the number growing every week), Paper People Jokes is a small price-tag for a continual subscription to fresh and funny content.


“Paper People Jokes is definitely worth the price. The great thing is the app is always changing with new content. The entertainment level of the content is perfect.” – App Dictions

“This is one of the most unique apps I’ve seen.” – App Store Reviewer, 5/5

“There isn’t much not to like about the app … if you have any sense of humor at all you’ll laugh at the jokes you find in Paper People Jokes.” – Fresh Apps

“The Paper People Jokes app is a great way to discover dozens of new, funny jokes that you probably haven’t heard, with a new joke being added every week.” – Smart App Developers

“To put it in a word, the app is nothing but ‘BRILLIANT’.” – iPad Apps Review Online

You can find the Paper People Jokes app on the iTunes app store.

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Paper People Jokes is the next phase for the time-honored oral tradition of joke-telling. Users of the app record their voice telling a joke. Each week, we animate the best (and worst) audio recordings sent to us through the app’s built-in joke telling interface. The animation style is a unique stop-motion construction paper animation technique that breathes a whole new level of life to old and new jokes alike. For the worst jokes (a.k.a. the Paper Cuts), a paper-puppet style of animation conjures dark and eerie undertones to the weird and wacky attempts at joke-telling. Sometimes, the rejects are so bad that they’re even funnier than the best jokes! Copyright (C) 2010 Paper Brain Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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