Jet Car Stunts Hits the Android With a High-Flying Cartwheel Bomb

By on Dec 25, 2010 at 10:22 am

Jet Car Stunts is a great game. It also recently hit the Android Market near you! The game was designed by TrueAxis and is currently available on the App Store.

This is a stunt-racer car game, where you try to survive from one end of an obstacle course to another. Along the way you will be performing high, gravity-defying jumps and tricks to make your way through challenging platforms. Jet Ca Stunts is one of the games that I always keep on the iPhone — as it doesn’t scale too well currently to the iPad — and the controls with the tilt-based sensivity are just perfect. Hopefully, TrueAxis has added all the touches it needs on the Android. According to Droid-Life, it just came out at a price of $1.99.


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