Moshi Premium Bundle Crystal Clear: Cool, Clear, Amazing

By on Dec 28, 2010 at 9:53 am

Received your wonderful new iPhone 4 as a Christmas present? You love the looks and don’t want that to change. Yet you are afraid if you drop it then you are out of a phone until next year. Now we have a dilemma. How exactly are you supposed to have the iPhone 4’s looks along with protection. The answer: Moshi’s Premium Crystal Clear Bundle.


So what’s so special about the Premium Crystal Clear Bundle? First of all everything inside of it is clear hence the name Crystal Clear Bundle. Inside of the package comes two forms of protection. A crystal clear case and a crystal clear shield. The shield is applied to both the front and back. The iVisor AG is what the screen protecter is called. Unlike most shields the iVisor AG has more then one color. Clear and Black. Anything that is clear is covered with the clear portion. Anything that is black is covered by the black portion of the iVisor AG. On the back of the iPhone the iVisor AG does not cover the Apple logo. The Apple logo is still protected by the clear part of the shield though. On the bottom of the iVisor AG is Moshi’s wonderful logo. The logo is not too flashy but it is noticeable. The only problem with the iVisor AG is that you cannot use it with other cases. I tried the iVisor AG with the
Speck Pixelskin. After a few days the shield started to come up. Now if you use the iGlaze 4 XT you should not have this problem. What is the worst thing about installing screen protecters? The air bubbles! Moshi’s iVisor AG is installed easily and guaranteed without air bubbles.

Now onto the case. The iGlaze 4 XT is a clear shell case. The case is extremely thin and comes in at 0.8 millimeters. This allows it to be easily placed your pocket. The surface is hardened with Moshi’s special treatment to provide enhanced scratch protection. Flash flooding is not a problem for the Moshi iGlaze 4 XT. The problem has been tested by Moshi and the case has been declared flash friendly. I was a bit disappointed by the amount of screen crack protection. If possible I would love Moshi to add a buffer to protect the iPhone’s screen. I have dropped the case a few times using an iPhone 4 dummy. It offered protection up to the hip.

Overall, the Premium Crystal Clear Bundle is a decent bundle. I was really impressed with the iVisor AG but I was disappointed with the iGlaze 4 XT. The bundle is available for $40.50 from If you wish to order them separately you can! The iGlaze 4 XT is available for $25. The iVisor AG is available for $19.95.


I recommend the iVisor AG for just about anyone who has a case which will work with it. I recommend buying the iVisor AG and installing it before you buy the case.

I recommend the iGlaze 4 XT for anyone who is EXTREMELY careful with their iPhone.



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