Zombies Ala Mode Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Dec 23, 2010 at 8:30 am

In Zombies Ala Mode by Elevate Entertainment, you’re a young zombie who needs to earn some extra cash. Colorful scoops of ice cream are being tossed over the wall. Can you catch them fast enough and in the right flavors and numbers to serve your customers who are impatiently stretching their green hands out? Be careful though. A lot of junk is falling down too and you wouldn’t want to get hit on the head.

Zombies Ala Mode will have you constantly tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch to catch scoops of ice cream. You’ll start off by catching just one scoop of a single flavor, and gradually progress to catching more scoops of various flavors.

In Career mode, you’ll have the chance to work through ten different locations and fifty levels. Customers will be extending their hands from both right and left, and their ice cream orders will be displayed according to the type of ice creams they want and number of scoops. Once you’ve collected the right number of scoops of the right flavors, you will slide the young zombie to the outstretched hand and tap on it, upon which the zombie customer will grab the cone of ice cream and pay you. If you don’t fulfill their orders fast enough, their hands will clench up and turn from green to red. When you make customers angry, you’ll get money deducted from your savings. Aside from catching ice cream, you’ll also have to avoid falling objects. Should something land on your head, you’ll get dazed and also lose all the ice cream in your cone. Sometimes, you’ll be given other tasks, such as to hold an ice cream order for a customer that will be coming for it later. To score in this mini-game, you’ll have to keep dodging falling junk until the customer arrives and pays for the ice cream. You’ll then be rewarded with a nice sum of cash.

If you have earned enough money, you can visit a store between levels to buy gear. This may range from a simple cardboard helmet to an umbrella, which will help your young zombie better survive getting clunked on his head. After you have cleared enough levels in Career mode, Survival mode will be unlocked. This will have you frantically dashing to serve ice cream to as many customers as you can. And in the third game mode, Bug Attack!, you’ll don on armor and fire goo at swarms of bugs that insist on attacking your ice cream shop.

Game graphics are attractive enough, however, the tilt controls don’t feel very precise. Even though I tuned down tilt sensitivity in the options, I found it not so easy to tilt my zombie to exactly where I wanted him to go. Because of this, the game felt harder than it ought to be. Although the game sounds simplistic, it does get progressively challenging, as you have to catch more and more scoops of ice cream while your boss keeps adding more flavors. At the same time you’ll have to dodge the rapidly increasing rain of hazardous junk.

If you catch the wrong flavor of ice cream by mistake or have extra scoops, just tap on them, and the topmost scoop will disappear in a puff.

Casual gamers can check out Zombies Ala Mode, which is now available in the App Store for $1.99.

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