Ballistic SG: A Slimmer Version of the Ballistic HC

By on Dec 23, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Ballistic is starting to be a major player in the iPhone case market. Just a few days ago Ballistic announced the Ballistic LS. This was to keep the sleekness of the iPhone while protecting it. In July I reviewed the Ballistic HC(hard core). Today I will be reviewing the Ballistic SG. The purpose of the Ballistic SG is to reduce the size of the Ballistic HC. Yes, it would have to reduce of the amount of protection, but what casual user wants to carry around a bulky case?


The Ballistic SG is one familiar case. The case reminds me of the Otterbox Commuter case. Installation is easy. Remove the silicone inside layer of the case from the hard outer layer. Then place the iPhone inside the case by stretching the silicone. Now here is the easy part. Snap the case into the outer layer and adjust it. That’s it for installation! The inner silicone layer itself doesn’t provide much protection. It’s main purpose is to provide shock protection and protection for the corners of the iPhone. The top edge of the case has two corners which have the Ballistic “B” embossed onto them. Unfortunately, this is not the same for the bottom edge. Something surprising to me of the Ballistic SG is how easy pressing the sleep/wake button and volume buttons. It seems like there is not even a silicone layer present. The 3.5mm headphone jack can fit most headphones but not all types. Lint collection, it’s a huge annoyance. The inner silicone layer does pick up a lot of lint. If you usually don’t place your iPhone in your pocket this should not be a problem to worry about.

Now on to the outer case. The outer case is actually made of two different layers of protection. The outer most layer is a soft TPU(type of plastic with useful qualities). This keeps the actual case from directly touching a surface. This also aids in shock protection, much more protection then many other cases. I have also found the TPU layer to help me with gripping the case. Thankfully this layer does not pick up any lint. I hope to see TPU used more often and in more cases. The middle layer of protection is the most common one. It’s main purpose is to protect the iPhone from general scratches and dents. Flash flooding is not an issue with this case. There is a small black felt rounding to the camera and flash. This keeps the problem from occurring.

In review, this case is an excellent choice for just about anybody. The only problem I have with it is the lit pickup. If this does not bother you or you do not keep your iPhone in your pocket then you will not have problems. is the place to get your Ballistic SG or the AT&T store. It is available for $34.99 which is a steal for the protection it offers. The Ballistic SG is available in two different color combinations. Black on Black and Black on Red.


I recommend this product for anyone who wants good protection but doesn’t want to carry around a hefty case.

I do not recommend this case for anyone who hates lint accumulation.



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