Jojo’s Fashion Show – World Tour (iOS 4.2 Tested) Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Have you ever fancied yourself a fashionista? Even if you haven’t, you may well surprise yourself with your fashion sense in Jojo’s Fashion Show – World Tour (iOS 4.2 Tested) by iwin, Inc. Design your own line of clothes, dress up your models, and send them off onto the top runways in the world. Can you help JoJo maintain her reputation as a top fashion designer?

Jojo’s Fashion Show – World Tour (iOS 4.2 Tested) for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the sequel to Jojo’s Fashion Show 2, in which Jojo and her daughter, Rosalind Cruz, made a name for their fashion label, Las Cruces. Now, Rosalind has decided to venture overseas and leave Las Cruces. Jojo thus needs you to help her design new collections.

From fashion shows in Tokyo, you’ll gradually move on to Paris, Barcelona, Jakarta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. That’s not quite the end of the world tour. Through in-app purchases, you may also step onto the runways of Amsterdam, London, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City. Altogether, these ten cities provide a full hundred levels.

Similar to Jojo’s Fashion Show 2, you’ll be dressing your models by dragging off clothes and shoes that appear on the racks and fitting them onto the models. You’ll have to match clothing according to specific styles, such as Kimono Crazy, Gothic Loli, and Loli. More styles will be presented to you as you progress through the levels, and you’ll have to meet the challenges of recognizing the various styles. Each style has its set of unique characteristics. For instance, Gothic Loli designs are based on the following style attributes: black, pink, purple, polka dots, skulls, bows, ruffles, Victorian style, full skirt, knee-length, boots, platforms. Your design will generally be scored based on the number of these attributes it possesses. Of course, your model can’t possibly be wearing both boots and platforms at the same time.

Models within the dressing room are each tagged with the style you are supposed to fit them with. Obviously, if you dress them in the wrong clothing style. Once you’ve fully dressed your model, you can send him or her onto the runway with a tap of a button. Your design will then be scored, and sometimes awarded bonus points. After you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be shown three signature outfits to fit onto your models. These call for the matching of specific pieces of clothing and shoes, and if the required items don’t appear together on the racks, you may have to first fit other outfits before trying for the signature outfit. While it’s not compulsory to complete the signature outfits to finish a level, each signature outfit will be awarded 1000 bonus points. At times, you may win power-ups after your designs are evaluated. A shuffle power-up may be use to get new items delivered to your racks.

Game graphics are as gorgeous as the clothing, and the game itself is a breeze to pick up. Jojo’s Fashion Show – World Tour allows you to play more with your own sense of fashion with its Clothing Design Editor. Each time, before you head off to dress your models for the runway, you’ll be given the opportunity to come up with new designs. The design editor gives you a range of tops, bottoms, and shoes to choose from. You may splash on your choice of base colors, and pick accent colors and patterns for each item. Other than the main fashion shows in the world tour, you can also play in a head-to-head mode, which will allow you to play against a friend on another device over wifi or Bluetooth. Should an online multiplayer mode be added in future, head-to-head play has the potential to be yet more fun.

You can earn extra chaining points by sending similarly styled models onto the runway, but don’t hold any models in the dressing room for too long, or you’ll be penalized.

Jojo’s Fashion Show – World Tour (iOS 4.2 Tested) is currently available in the App Store for $2.99. The game is highly recommended to casual gamers who are fond of matching clothing together.

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