Project 72 – Recent Discovery Initiates a Race Into Space

By on Dec 21, 2010 at 5:23 am

Los Angeles, California – The Russian Federation and the United States are once again competing in a race into space. Only this time, the goal is not to land on the moon. On December 19, Russia launches their new spacecraft Project 72. Their intent is to verify the latest scientific breakthrough that could give us the answer to why the universe exists.

Reporter Inga Aning, from the global news agency News+, has the inside story:
“As you surely have heard, during the past months, a group of European scientists lead by the Swedish professor Sven Rymd claimed to have found sensational proof that our universe does in fact have an absolute end. The latest evidence from Mr Rymd and his team also states that there may be a way for us to breach this barrier.”

Both American and Russian scientists have agreed that this is a major break through in human exploration of space.

The president of the Russian Federation has given News+ an exclusive statement:
“Many years have past since we last crashed on the moon. On December 19 we will launch a new vessel that will take mankind to a new place, perhaps a different time. Russia’s P72 will depart, and arrive at a destination unknown.”

News+ is reporting that U.S Space Agency is working around the clock to finish their rocket, scheduled to launch early 2011.

US President announced earlier this week:
“We have committed ourselves to be the first nation to reach this new exciting place. Many other countries are supporting our goals with funds and technology to secure our achievement. Mark my words, the United States of America will be the first nation to report from outside the boundaries of our universe.”

News+ reporter Inga Aning:
“This is certainly a groundbreaking discovery and an exciting moment for man kind. The world is awaiting the Russian launch on December 19 with anticipation.”

Stay tuned and follow us as the new race for space begins.

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